Publication – The Charm Factor

Are you part of a youth organization, group or involved in youth work, then the handbook is exactly for you. Whether the organization or the group is registered or informal, it has existed for just a few weeks or several years, concerned with the environment, youth participation, recreation, professional orientation, active citizenship or intercultural dialogue, the handbook is for you.

In short the book is for each and everyone working in the field of youth. It does not matter whether the organization is public or non-governmental, either if it receives funds or it is voluntary. From our own experience in the youth field, we strongly believe that this book will enhance your work and benefit your organization and its members, because it is an outcome of direct experience and it does respond to urgent needs. We call this charm. We are convinced that this CHARM factor has a vital role to play in all areas of public life for all of us who are active in the youth fields.

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