How to be Charmer

If you have browsed around our page and you are still not persuaded that your organization needs to become more CHARMing (meaning – more inclusive, supporting social inclusion and Human Rights), then we strongly advise you to enroll for a training or workshop on Human Rights Education, diversity or social inclusion. Even if that is not sphere of work, one training won’t hurt, right?. Check out the training possibilities of our project in our activities section!

If you are sure that your NGO could use a bit of CHARM, then there is a lot you could do.

1)         You could try to organize training for your team on the themes of European values, connected to Human Rights and diversity. If you contact a fellow organization which has experience and capacity to provide you with a training like that, you could negotiate for exchange of experience and practices (they teach you what they know, you teach them what you know).

2)         You could support the participation of a member of your team in a training, seminar, workshop or initiative, which has something to do with Human Rights and diversity. They could be then asked to pass the knowledge, skills and attitudes to the rest of the team. Check out the training possibilities of our project in our activities section!

3)         You could organize regular team/volunteers meetings (let’s say once per two months) and discuss issues that bother them in terms of Human Rights. You could use a guest speaker (for example a minority representative) or a movie to provoke the discussion We could recommend The Wave (2009) – perfect example of the slight border between youth movement and brain-washed dangerous crowd. And of course the classic in the genre – Crash (2004)

4)   Last, but not least, you might want to also design your own Diversity/Anti-racist Code of Conduct, as a hundred organizations did in the framework of our project. See some examples on the CHARMLOAD section.