Youth Organizational Policies

The emanation of CHARM is the development and the implementation of anti-racist youth organizational policies that cross-cut the activities and the work the youth organizations and bodies involved. To explain what we mean by anti-racist organizational policies, we would give a few examples with cell phones companies:

  • Almost every cell phones company has an environmental policy, which explains how the company supports the environmental protection. That is their environmental protection policy.
  • Some cell phone companies are also having policies connected with sourcing the materials. It basically goes to insuring the customers that materials (particularly cobalt) are not mined by minors in some countries in Africa.

Both examples certainly do not change the aim and the main activity of the companies – to produce and sell cell phones. But they show the companies’ responsibility towards the environment and human rights.

The CHARMing Anti-racist youth organizational policies have similar philosophy – they are supposed to contain principles and concrete measures, which support Human Rights and social inclusion, without changing the main aims and activities of the organizations they are applied in.